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Since 1666

Pierre Rouanet, priest and canon constructs a two-story house in this location with covered courtyard and garden. The street is named rue Cornamel, later rue Courlanel, now rue Maréchal Clauzel.



Dominique Malroc buys the house. Seigneur of Lafage, Aude, and heir to a 17th century fortune, he is further enriched by trading iron extracted from Rancié mines.
Malroc builds the impressive townhouse we see today. Malroc’s immediate neighbor is Paul Rives, a well-known Mirepoix merchant.

Dominique’s son, Guillaume, judge of Lauragais district and councillor in the Cour des Aides of Montpellier, is named First Consul, then Mayor of Mirepoix, 1791-92.
Guillaume escapes the guillotine in a harrowing cart-ride to Paris.



Guillaume Malroc dies. His sister, Marianne Malroc, lives in the house with two bakers, Jean Baptiste Guilhamat and Jean Cammas and their families.
Marianne is the last Malroc to live in the house.

Jean Cammas’ son, Jean François, also a baker, inhabits the house.



Paul Rolland, a bourgeois from Puivert, Aude, wealthy manufacturer of combs, buys the house and marries Marie Combes, daughter of a locksmith.

After diverse owners and declining fortunes, the house is bought by a paper mill industrialist from Saint Girons, as a shelter for Belgian refugees.



Rogier van den Biggelaar buys the private house from Madame Tort and converts it into a hotel and restaurant, the Relais Royal.

The building is bought by Benedict and Janice Schwegler, Shiao Fong Yin and Marion Sherman. The hotel/restaurant re-opens as Relais de Mirepoix, managed by Karl and Emma Lashford.



After a period of closure during the Crise Sanitaire, the hotel/restaurant re-opens as the Relais Mira Peis, a center of sustainable tourism and gastronomy emphasizing local products. 

The owners of the Relais Mira Peis have transformed their establishment, formerly a hotel, into guest rooms and reception of business customers for professional events.