Ariège, a breathtaking corner of the countryside

Its warm locals, an endless activities in nature, its gastronomy and its wines to appreciate, its history and its culture to discover


… heavily as you climb the last steps to the top of Chateau Roquefixade to look between limestone crags over verdant valleys towards the ruins of Mont-segur, the final stand of the last of the noble doomed Knights of Cathar. Learn history at the heart of medieval France as you climb the living ramparts and streets of Carcassonne, of Foix and the ruins of Peyrepertuse, Quéribus, and Aguilar perched along the arete of the midi- Pyrenees in charming, friendly, authentic Ariege. Ariège.


… heavily as you hike one of our 401 trails along crystal clear streams against snowcapped Pyrenees mixed with summer wildflowers. www


… heavily as you cycle across the heart of medieval France in the path of La Tour de France to Latour-de-France.

Or choose from another 61 bike rides,122 mountain biking trails, or 118 road cycling routes along plantain-lined boulevards, undulating hills and cool forests morphing into 7% inclines  in the Black Mountains, …

… into golden sunflowers fencing the apellations of Fitou, Corbiers, Minervois and Languedoc, home to some of the oldest vines in France; products of Roman-wine-lust.

Stop to sample a nose tingle as you… 


in bubbles of Blanquette.

The world’s first sparkling wine was made by Ariege monks in 1531.


… delicately as you look upon neanderthal drawings in Grotte de Niaux or explore the densest cluster of prehistoric caves in France.


… in the aroma of the hearty and true, farm-to-table fare of the Ariege. Feast on duck confit, foie gras, cassoulet, magret sec, saucisson and yeasty baguette – you can afford the calories!

Then mingle with the warm and friendly Ariègeois, linger over the centre ville markets and dance all night in the Mirepoix square watched over by wooden medieval gargoyles.

And finally,


… deeply as you sink into affordable luxury in a 17th century mansion to rest your weary muscles. Whether it is nature and outdoors, food and wine, history and culture – Ariege can satisfy your curiosity– all in one day, every day, as you wish.



 in Ariege.

Copyright of the royalty-free photographs used. With our thanks to all the photographers.

  1. Ariège Pyrenees – © GARANCE CASSIEN
  2. Aerial view of Montsegur Castle – © Dominique Viet – CRT Occitanie
  3. View of the Château de Montségur – © Dominique Viet – CRT Occitanie
  4. Castle of Peyrepertuse – © wikimedia Par Guillaume Paumier — Personal work, CC BY 2.5,
  5. Pyrenees – ©
  6. Cycling in the heart of the Pyrenees – © Le bezy –
  7. Latour-de-France Par Richard Jones – Personal work CC BY-SA 4.0,
  8. Cycling in the heart of the Pyrenees – © Le bezy –
  9. Domaine Gayda – ©
  10. Mas d’Azil Cave – Credit © Traumrune / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY 3.0 –
  11. Foie Gras © Sophie sur Flickr CC 2.0


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